A wide selection of designs and finishes


Since 1971, Italfibbia produces brass accessories for clothing and leather goods.
The company is well-known for the high quality of its products and is a certified partner of some of the largest fashion houses.

Experience, Creativity and Skills

Accessories for high fashion since 1971. Quality, know-how and great passion.

Italfibbia knows how to choose and maintain the quality in the final product, remaining the leader in Italy, and on an international scale, in the production and marketing of fashion accessories.
The fact that the entire production chain remains within the company gives the client continuous support at all stages of the production process: from the first designs on paper to the implementation of the finished product.

Quality products for generations:
Italfibbia carries on the values and the passion of all time

Thanks to our staff we can handle every need





Italfibbia responds to the need to customize each product.
Buckles, small parts and accessories for fashion, the proposed solutions are always tailor-made. The Italfibbia historical archive is an excellent starting point and inspiration, the needs of the client and the image of the brand, the basis for the development of the new design.


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